Busy Week

Apr. 24th, 2017 11:42 pm
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This morning I got to go into work, check all the courses were running smoothly at my own site, troubleshoot some problems at other sites and then get on a train to London. Because we have nine working days to make twenty new classrooms functional at our London site and not enough people to throw at the project. I'm here until Thursday evening and there are going to be some very long days.

On the plus side I got to attend my usual Monday night roleplaying game via the power of the hotel's not-entirely-happy-with-the-situation internet connection. I'm glad I got to do that even if the connection was a bit flaky :)

The view from hotel window is part hotel roof and part bridge and I've convinced the air con to start doing heat type things instead of cooling type things so I don't think this trip is going to be all bad :)


Pottering Along

Apr. 22nd, 2017 07:48 pm
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UK politics note: I've come across this link in a few places in the last couple of days - a handy Google spreadsheet for voting options by constituency if you're keen on not having a Tory government after June 8th this year.

Meanwhile Special Agent Kheldar is back on full time duty guarding the house and eating his big dental biscuits. He'd like to eat the pigeon that is living in the trees across the alleyway but so far it's been too smart to come down from it's perch when he's around.

[personal profile] battlehamster and I assembled a garden bench and table today, so now we can sit out on the balcony and admire our small jungle and watch the balloons go overhead. It's a small victory for two people who have not had a lot of spoons left over for house repair and improvement in the last few years.

And the Orkney Cherry geranium that I planted a few weeks ago likes it's new home so much that it's doubled in size and produced a couple of flowers.


Two Things Make A Post?

Apr. 20th, 2017 08:31 pm
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Despite my pollen-induced headache this morning I spotted a bank card lying just outside the revolving doors of the work building. I picked up and took it to the reception desk in the vague hope that they might recognise the name. Helpful chief reception bloke looked up the name against the list of entry tag holders for the building and found a match and called the relevant company to unite owner and card. So that was my good deed for the day :)

According to this the political party my beliefs align with the most is the SNP. I'm finding this mildly hilarious as I'm not planning to move to Scotland, the SNP don't appear to be planning to stand anywhere other than Scotland, and my mother who can actually claim to be Scottish is determinedly Tory. (I've learned to cheerfully disagree with her over the years, a process that has become easier for me as "When you're older you'll understand" becomes less of a winning argument for her). Fortunately my party of choice was only lagging behind the SNP by a couple of percentage points so I guess I'm still planning to vote for the right bunch even if they don't stand a hope of winning in my constituency.

Random Housekeeping Note

Apr. 19th, 2017 10:00 pm
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I'm still dithering about whether or not to finally delete my LJ account. I haven't posted over there for a long time and I imported all my entries over to this blog years ago. But there are a couple of things over there that I'm not sure I'm ready to lose access to just yet. So I continue to dither.

Useful link for friends who have just moved in over here at Dreamwidth: How to Claim Your OpenID.

Long Weekend

Apr. 17th, 2017 05:29 pm
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It's been a good weekend. We got to spend Saturday evening with [personal profile] teebee and [personal profile] k8bush drinking whiskey and putting the world to rights. I was not as hungover as perhaps I should have been on Sunday morning. I've done all my chores (a small but important victory on the health front). I've read some comics. I've even managed to convince my brain to watch some TV so I have in fact seen Doctor Who and was surprisingly unspoilered for it given that I watched it at least a day after the rest of the internet. I like Bill. I like this more obviously kind Doctor. I'm intrigued to know why he was teaching at the university. I liked the photos on his desk. I am hopeful for the rest of the season.

I've also ventured out into the garden again today. Mostly because we had a trip out to look at garden furniture with a view to getting some chairs of the balcony and since we went to Gardner Haskins and they had all sorts of geraniums... Well, there were more geraniums to be planted. And I finally dug out the fern in the front garden which was threatening the fuschia. (I don't particularly have anything against ferns but the bees very much prefer the fuschia and there was obviously only going to be one survivor out of the fern vs fuschia battle.)


Special Agent Kheldar is slowly building up to being well enough to take up his normal patrolling pattern again. He's been out for many short sniff-and-check trips in the last day or so rather than a big patrol and has been exercising his muscles by charging up and down the landing like a mad thing.

A good Friday

Apr. 14th, 2017 10:02 pm
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I had lunch with friends today, some of whom I hadn't seen in a while. It was nice to catch up and nice to socialise for a bit and also nice to come home and not talk for a while. My brain and my body are both in agreement that it's time to shut down and recharge for a bit. Or at least they were agreeing by the time I'd hacked back the garden a bit more and watered the pot plants.

Special Agent Kheldar wandered out to inspect the progress on the garden and decided that the rake was unsafe for felines and headed back indoors. I found him in a sun patch, fast asleep. He went out on patrol this evening though. When he got back he informed that watering the pot plants had been an entirely unnecessary activity as it had rained on everything. Including him. And where was his towel and why was I sitting there rather than drying him? He's so purry when he get dried :)

Thursday is the new Friday

Apr. 13th, 2017 08:58 pm
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An email appeared at lunch time to day telling me and my fellow employees that we could leave at 4pm for the Easter break. From which I gather that the company isn't doing too terribly sales-wise at the moment because that kind of largesse is only forthcoming when we're doing well. Of course anyone doing classroom setups or support of any kind needed to finish that off before leaving but I still got away half an hour earlier than usual, which was nice.

Special Agent Kheldar is still on sick leave. He's definitely feeling better than he was yesterday though. He's got his squeak back, he's keen on having his gooshy food, and he's snoozing under radiators in a more relaxed manner. Also the infection smell has gone away, which is making all of us feel a little happier.

The robin in the back garden is taking full advantage of the lack of feline patrolling and has been hopping across the patio instead of hanging out on top of the vines and the bamboo. And despite the total lack of rain in the last week and a bit two of my presumed dead geraniums have sprouted leaves. Hurrah!


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