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Nov. 4th, 2011 08:28 pm
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I'm going slightly mad - (Day 19) )

Bimbling - (Day 20+) )
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A-team preparation montage:

Enchant our harpoon/ramspike a lot.
Ready the grapples and corvuses (corvi?) for boarding purposes
Doublecheck mental protections
Secure the Nanarik a place in Navir Lore as part of the Saving of Scijaarn.
Win, obviously.
Survive, hopefully.
Go rescue Shayla, again.

Anything else?
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No game this Saturday, as I'm not feeling well and can't give it my best, and we might be down Lera anyway due to a rabbit emergency. If people still want to finish the campaign, we can try again in October: if not, no hard feelings.

Sorry for the short notice, particularly to those of you who had to make travel / childcare arrangements!
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Things to remember:
Beth may do better to hand out Bear's Endurance like candy since the 30HP it gives may be a lot better than Beth's version of Barkskin.

We don't need to die failing to save these people. Sure, dying to save them might seem acceptable, but with the Flame reset and the gate built - We ought to consider what our retreat and regroup criteria are.

Bane? Good? weapons?
Singing (various)
Displacement? Any good vs. a dragon?
anti invisible cover.

* Tess
* Gareth (disable if possible)
* ~30 Dracominions that Murphy's Law states will hatch at inconvenient times.
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Rachael sits chewing her lip and looking slightly worried. Carla wanders over with a couple of cups of tea and offers one.
"Hey. We did well. You did well."
Gates )Bodies )Souls )Bimbling )
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Transformations )

Last chance for people to suggest yes/no questions that Laura might want to ask Irrasha as I need to email a list to [personal profile] ankaret soon (or possibly last week. That sort of soon).
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What are the chances that Tess is Lawful (Evil/Neutral) and she'll be happy to pay us off as arranged for this construction? Vendemiatrix is a pain in the ass with incompetent minions who have killed Rachel, Jocelyn, Jess and others of us, but Tess keeps sending us and our friends, and is keeping a bit of an eye on us (apparently).

Once we jump/teleport into the Autok Regency, we can't easily get back in a hurry if we've forgotten a toothbrush.
Planar instability aside - it might not matter who has the medallions we need currently, we just need the medallions - so time might not be a really really severe pressure. We probably have days, rather than minutes in which to get as ready as can be.


Anyway - What do we need to buy/make?
- Scrolls of Raise Dead? We need to be able to get Rachel up again to fix the gate, and we need to get Laura up to get the rest of us up.
- Mordenkainan's Mansion? A one round cast minor bugout tool?
- WoR, Gt Teleport, etc - Other exit strategies.

Other planning for fighting:
If Drenak goes down, do we gather wounded/dead and retreat/regroup? We can live to fight another day, but dead we're little use to each other.

Game is on!

Jun. 9th, 2011 01:41 pm
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Game will be happening this Saturday. Bring pencils, dice, character sheets, and ideas for how you're going to get the pieces of the Dragon Gate that you left with the Professor back and what, if anything, you're going to tell Colonel Morgrus.

The Clifftop Adventurers' Guild will be holding a charity auction at which various items and services will be offered (ranging from a date with Danneel Peachtree all the way up to a token for a no-questions-asked resurrection from House Jorasco) so you might want to think whether you want to donate anything to that, or enquire as to whether any particular items will be available for bidding.
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A mental institution run by Skeksis' )

So, are there any amendments to the plan for getting in and out of Argonath?
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The Crypt of the Rotting Angels )

Additions and corrections welcome as usual :)
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Previously on Lost In Navir

Drenak's the only one with the voice for a 'Previously' really... )

All comments and corrections welcome :)
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Fire, Rescue and Undead Kraken )
Gathering Information is clearly in order so those members of the party that have the relevant skill set are now attempting to do just that. Possible things to do next session:

  1. Karl has potentially gotten embroiled in the local underworld while looking for the cell of Dragon-Cultists-who-are-possibly-also-Changelings. From this we have an opportunity to go and lay some undead to rest (Laura, who was the very model of restraint during the visit to Holt, is quite keen on this).

  2. We could make another attempt to find out more about the Floating Fortress of Reality Disruption and it's inhabitants.

  3. Find out what the Warder of Dreadhold was doing in Scjaarn? Was he there to collect on his Chocolate Mousse debt and fight crime or was it something more important?

Any other thoughts?
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