Jun. 14th, 2011

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What are the chances that Tess is Lawful (Evil/Neutral) and she'll be happy to pay us off as arranged for this construction? Vendemiatrix is a pain in the ass with incompetent minions who have killed Rachel, Jocelyn, Jess and others of us, but Tess keeps sending us and our friends, and is keeping a bit of an eye on us (apparently).

Once we jump/teleport into the Autok Regency, we can't easily get back in a hurry if we've forgotten a toothbrush.
Planar instability aside - it might not matter who has the medallions we need currently, we just need the medallions - so time might not be a really really severe pressure. We probably have days, rather than minutes in which to get as ready as can be.


Anyway - What do we need to buy/make?
- Scrolls of Raise Dead? We need to be able to get Rachel up again to fix the gate, and we need to get Laura up to get the rest of us up.
- Mordenkainan's Mansion? A one round cast minor bugout tool?
- WoR, Gt Teleport, etc - Other exit strategies.

Other planning for fighting:
If Drenak goes down, do we gather wounded/dead and retreat/regroup? We can live to fight another day, but dead we're little use to each other.


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