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Previously on Lost In Navir

Karl talks to the Halfling in charge of the Friends of Boromir Laughing Blade. She wants to resurrect the leader of the Tyrants in order to restore some balance to the Scjaarn underworld or at least cause the Thoon some trouble. Why yes, the ex-leader of the Tyrants is that Beholder that our daring heroes hunted down and killed way back in Episode 28 or thereabouts. She also gives off some signals that might mean that she's challenging Karl to find out what her name is but Karl's Knowledge Halfling Culture is a bit flaky.

Needless to say the rest of the party are not thrilled about venturing into the Crypt of the Rotting* Angels in order to retrieve a small carved bone box that may contain the means to resurrect a crime lord. On the other hand, kicking undead is never a bad thing? Right?

There are some convoluted discussions. More research is undertaken. Beth goes shopping for a present for Drenak for the Feast of the Warrior. Laura scries Singh the Immense who is hanging around in some ruins in some wasteland waiting for something.

Drenak goes to see the world's only Consulting Inquisitive again. He learns that Grousch, the only Goblin survivor of the incident involving the fire at the university, was hired by an Elf wearing a cheap dress but an expensive lace mask. He was supposed to be stealing some items from the university for the mystery elf.

Beth sends a lizard messenger to find the Warder of Dreadhold. Then the party set off to see Varaline, the university warden was rescued by the Warder in an unexpected moment of charity. She and her family live in university accommodation and her mother is clearly very proud of her. Varaline who has had a lot of visitors looks tired and is possibly a bit embarrassed by all the fuss.

She tells the party that she went to investigate when the alarm bell rang and opened the doors into a rush of heat. She knew that the stone arch was going to fall on her but couldn't quite stop herself in time and has no idea how the Warder moved the masonry off her. He left quite an impression on her - as if he could see into her mind and she was utterly insignificant to him. Also the sword that he was carrying gave her a headache. She thought he looked as if he was from the Enamel kingdom but he didn't say a word to her, just bowed and left. Ever since then she has felt as though she was being watched.

After the party has left Varaline's house Jaik mentions that someone tried to scry him recently. Sadly Clerics don't have access to the anti-spying spells so there's not much that can be done about that.

Laura does some history reading while everyone else does useful research instead. Things Laura now knows:
  • The Treaty of Argonath (after which the Floating Fortress was named?) was signed after the Cradle Wars of 4460-4510. This was a Neveriven war that started when the Dwarves attacked without properly declaring war first and ended with the Second Demon Cry.
  • The Warforged were invented during the Cradle Wars.
  • The Dragons disappeared during the Second Demon Cry, Dragon Shards and Dragonmarks started appearing at this time.
  • Morngrave University was founded 260 years ago by a Lord Morngrave. It is he whose remains were stolen during the fire at the university.
  • The Autok Empire arose around about the time of the Fourth Demon Cry.
  • The High King refused an alliance with the Autok in 5565

  • More usefully, Karl discovers that the Floating Fortress was built in 5582 and has only been infiltrated once by a daring band of invaders lead by the Hobgoblin, Captain Guthmagra. It has both magical and martial defences and is powered by an Elemental Forge. Applying some Bardic Legend Lore to the matter Karl also discovers** "Greatest amongst the defences of Argonath is the Artificer creation known as the Honeycomb; fifty great wands each the width of a Fourth Born's torso, which may be deployed in any direction to smite the enemies of Argonath with sorcerous might. Guthmagra The Brave and the twenty five desperate Hobgoblins who followed him clambered through the Honeycomb knowing that at any moment they might face disintegration, fire, lightening or ice. Thus came the brave ones to the Heart of Argonath and took it hostage."

    He also learns a little more about Rivensash who won her Ring of Rekkenmark by acclamation, is believed to be a Sorceress, has three children and is a widow. She is also a close friend of the Heir to Holt, Princess Haydeth.

    Ash and Laura get themselves hired to help with the clean up after the university fire as part of Ash's cunning plan to gather more information.

    Eventually the party decide to embark on the crypt adventure because they haven't made any other progress towards finding the Changeling Vendemiatrix Cultists and there's always the hope that this is a lead. Besides, it's a dungeon crawl, what could possibly go wrong?

    Having assembled their Weapons of Undead Deterrence the party is met by a Shifter called Bones who is their guide to the Crypt of the Rotting Angels. Since the Crypt appears to be in some kind of labyrinth it is just as well that they have a guide.

    The entrance to the Crypt is covered with prayers to Onatar and dire warnings of certain doom to all those who enter. Like all good adventuring parties our intrepid band of heroes ignore all this and waltz on in. But not without checking for traps first.

    Inside they discover some tracks leading to a brass door that is slightly ajar. There is a symbol of Onatar above it. The tracks lead through the door and turn right at the T-junction, ending at an iron door that has been locked from the outside. It is all Very Mysterious. There is an inscription that reads, "Beyond these valve lies the fallen woe"

    The party decide to loot the rest of the dungeon investigate other routes through the crypt first. They get jumped by some wraiths and there is a flurry of Con drain, arrows, Searing Light, and assorted weaponry. The end result is Wraiths: 0, Adventuring Party: 3 but a lot of healing spells needed.

    Next up is a mummified corpse with nails in it's eyes that sits up and wails. Drenak hits it. A lot. Laura joins in, Karl sings at it and it goes back to it's Harbinger. Ash finds a secret door, disarms the trap and discovers a vault containing a rusted chest and a trapped floor. Jaik disables the trap and discovers that the chest contains some coins, three scrolls and a piece of paper that reads "Praise Onatar, fear the Drowned One".

    After some further exploration the party finally decide to investigate the locked door. Unfortunately Ash not only fails to notice the trap, she fails her saving throw against the unearthly scream as well.

    Rachel finds herself on another plane with an Elven figure. It is Katala in one of her many guises. The Harbinger explains that she meddled last time Rachel died in order to send Rachel back - she asked Rachel for aid and Rachel agreed. Katala says that her creation is threatened and that she can use nothing from within it to try and save it because those are the rules that were agreed when it was created. She asks Rachel to aid her once more (although without Ash for company this time) and says that this is for every soul in Navir and on Earth. Rachel agrees to this and finds herself waking up in the crypt in response to Laura's Raise Dead spell. She is no longer sharing her head with Ash but someone has downloaded instructions on how to build a Dragon Gate and medallion detector into her brain. Just as well she's a physicist - some of it actually makes sense to her.

    There is no time to impart all of this to the rest of the party because they're in the middle of a dungeon but Rachel shakily gets to her feet and agrees to carry on.

    Jaik sorts the trapped door out and the party creep into the mist filled corridor. They pass several sarcophagi and then discover another door which leads to a room with a pool in it. Drenak wafts the mist around and the occupant of the room promptly attacks him. There is a hail of missile weaponry and Dwarven war hammers and the thing disintegrates...

    *Rotting. Not Weeping. We hope.
    **Remembers? How does that work?

    All comments and corrections welcome :)
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