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The serving staff at the inn are far too nervous to actually bring breakfast in to the room so Laura and the Warder of Dreadhold wheel the trolley and serve the dishes out. The Warder tells our intrepid heroes that he is concerned about the speed at which events are moving and that he has decided to cast his lot in with Jaic's Seven despite the deep divisions in our respective philosophies. As much as he would like to go home, he thinks that he is now the kind of person that he once fought against. So he would like to see the Dragon Gate built and destroyed in order to remove temptation.

The Warder offers the party an introduction to Princess Haydeth of Holt via Rivensash Dimey who was previously maths tutor to the princess but who is currently residing in Dreadhold having apparently committed treason. He is willing to release her in order to assist us. He can also arrange for some Jade Confederacy diplomatic papers to be forged for us and for the diplomats concerned to disembark in Scjaarn so that we can take their places en route. There is a two to three month lead time on this plan. The party decide to think about it for a bit and the Warder departs, leaving the party with additional charges on the bill for the inn staff having to deal with the consequences of his visit.

There is a downtime montage.

Rachel reports in to her House, builds a homunculus workbench and also goes to visit a Bishop of Katala. Beth takes a trip into the countryside to practise her new spells. Jaik and Drenak sort the loot out. Laura spends a lot of time praying and Carl skulks around waiting for further contact from the Friends of Boromir Laughing Blade.

Carl eventually receives a message via the Scjaarn Intelligencer and he and Beth skulk off to a brothel to meet the contact. It is a high quality establishment and the staff are well aware that Beth is around despite the invisibility spell that she is wearing. Carl meets up with Kaya, a very glamorous Changeling who currently looks a bit like Jessica Rabbit.

He tells the tale of the adventure in the Crypt of the Rotting Angels. In return he learns that not all Changelings are members of The Cabinet and that many in the Scjaarn underworld consider our Changeling enemies to be interlopers. The Lady Holtese Vanara rents a house in the Fair Trade market. She is living in reduced circumstances and rarely mixes with the other nobility. Her entire household are most likely Changelings and quite often people who look as if they are Knights of the Emerald Claw enter and leave the house. One of these people may have been Secretary to the Bishop of Vol in High Carradine. One has spent quite a lot of time at the university impersonating a Dwarf who is studying magic. They are not presently in town and may be visiting Holt. Kaya thinks that The Cabinet would be quite happy to see them gone on a more permanent basis. Carl also asks for the name of the Halfling that he previously spoke to and discovers her boy name but not her girl name.

Meanwhile Rachel is making enquiries about Rivensash Dimey and discovers that she was banished by a note of the King's hand. There was no trial for treason and all records of the business are sealed. Princess Haydeth is godmother to the youngest of the High Inquisitor's children.

Carl uses his Legend Lore abilities and learns that Tess disappeared (along with most of the other Dragons) in 4510, following the Second Demon Cry. At the time she was known as a young black Dragon who was both greedy and arrogant. She was once defeated by the Blue Mages in a battle. They are the oldest order of Mages and existed before the Fourth Born arrived. At present they are all defending their mother house.

Loot is sold and the party goes on a shopping spree with the proceeds. Jaic and Laura buy each other boots. Drenak continues to court Cast Shayla with Dwarven cunning. Rachel disappears into her lab and makes exciting things for the party.

While Rachel is busy Artificing the rest of the party investigate the house in Fair Trade market. Jaic and Beth search the place from top to bottom while Carl, Laura and Drenak all wait outside trying to look as inconspicuous as a Dwarf, a Halfling and Human Bishop of Irrasha can. Fortunately this is Scjaarn and there are many odder sights around.

The house is shut up and appears to have been in that state for some time. Jaic finds a bank note of the Bank of Incorporated Necromancers of Holt worth 5k and a bag of pebbles bearing the mark of Vendemiatrix. Beth finds a letter, an earring, and a secret door just inside the coal hole. The door opens onto a ladder leading downwards and Jaic heads off to investigate. The ladder leads all the way down to a tunnel in The Cogs where Jaic is accosted by a Goblin who is under the impression that Jaic is one of the Changelings. Jaic plays along with this and learns that the enchanted sword will be ready in about three days time from the usual place.

Needless to say it takes Jaic a while to get back to the rest of the party as he exits The Cogs via the Goblin Market. There is some discussion about whether or not to go back in three days to see if the party can acquire the sword.

Carl flies off to Bringiven for the Halfling festival having finally done some research on Halfling customs. He steals Rickelly's hat and dagger. Rickelly steals the House Jirasco building. Insults are exchanged, ice cream and twitter stones are acquired, dances are performed and Carl gets his summer romance.

Jaic and Laura also have a weeks of domestic bliss until Fade Summer arrives and Carl returns from Bringiven. Then Beth receives word (via highly traumatised lizard) that the Warder of Dreadhold wishes to meet with the party again.
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