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At the end of last session it was suggested that Laura try the Commune spell to see if we could find out anything about the situation in the Autok Empire and more specifically what has happened to Cutter Drago and the remaining medallions. I'm going to email [personal profile] ankaret a list of questions before next session (although some questions may depend on answers to previous questions) - does anyone have any helpful suggestions about questions to ask?

Details of the Commune spell are on page 211 of the Players Handbook which says:

You contact your deity - or agents thereof - and ask questions that can be answered by a simple yes or no. (A cleric of no particular deity contacts a philosophically allied deity.) You are allowed one such question per caster level. The answers given are correct within the limits of the entity's knowledge. "Unclear" is a legitimate answer, because powerful beings of the Outer Planes are not necessarily omniscient. In cases where a one-word answer would be misleading or contrary to the deity's interests, the DM should give a short phrase (five words or less) as an answer instead.

The spell, at best, provides information to aid character decisions. The entities contacted structure their answers to further their own purposes. If you lag, discuss the answers, or go off to do anything else, the spell ends.

We get one question per caster level, so that's up to twelve questions if Laura is casting it. Questions need to be pretty straightforward. Things like "Does Cutter Drago still have the remaining Dragon Gate medallions?" are okay. I suspect that questions like "Where are the remaining Dragon Gate medallions?" are much less likely to get a clear answer as that's not really a Yes/No question.
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