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Rachael sits chewing her lip and looking slightly worried. Carla wanders over with a couple of cups of tea and offers one.
"Hey. We did well. You did well."

Rachael sighs a little and takes the tea with a slight smile "We left the whole thing there though... "
Carla nods. "We'll go back, check it over. It's not like anyone else round here is likely to make it work, is it?"
Rachael: "I hope not. I'd be happier if we'd got even one piece away though. I've... decided not to destroy it though"
Carla blinks, obviously surprised. "But I thought we... Okay... What should we do with it?"
Rachael: "Make sure it can't be rebuilt unless it's needed. Separate the parts, bury them behind traps and beasts. Keep a few ourselves. I don't know exactly, but for all the bad the gate let back in it let back in good too, it was needed to restore the flame and who's to say it won't be needed again for something a thousand years from now, ten thousand?
Carla looks at Rachael with admiration, a slow smile forming. "I... didn't think of that. Yeah... that's probably a good idea. We can go into the dungeon design business."
Rachael gives a soft laugh "Someone has to build all those places. But the point is that the Gate is, well, I could destroy it, piece by piece I could turn it into.. dust, but every individual part is a minor artifact, the whole is.. well I don't think I could make a new one. Katala needed it this time, who knows how much she influenced its original construction... I just think it should be there
Carla sips her tea, thinking. "... Yeah. I think you're right... well. I think that given a little while you might be able to build one. But since we've already got one you know how to work... Oh - thank you. For saving the world.... And for noticing the gate was still open."
Rachael: "Err... you're welcome" purplish blush "for both... I... couldn't help noticing that you came back through as... you"
Carla looks at her teacup. "Yeah, that was... a bit surprising... " She looks up and smiles. "I ... What were you thinking, when you came back through?"

Rachael: "That I wanted to be what I was here... what I'd been made by Katala, with what I'd been taught, and what I'd learned in this world. I chose this world, with all it's dangers, over the... greyness of ours... and was praying I wouldn't have to try and survive here as a mousey haired nerdy physicist"
Carla listens quietly and nods. "You're so... positive. All I could think of, back there was... this isn't right. This isn't home any more. I don't want this, I don't want to be here, I don't want to be ... " She sighs. "It was really unpleasant. I never even thought I might pop up here as EarthCarl, but... if I had it would still have been better than staying."
Rachael: "well... all that too" small grin "I felt Katala's blessing as I came back through. Making me what I wanted to be. It's just that you aren't who you wanted to be... you're er... " very purple blush "what my subconscious made you when I wasn't concentrating or thinking enough"
Carla shrugs slightly and smiles. "It turned out Okay though. I... I'm sorry about earlier.. I didn't mean... Hang on ... What you wanted to be?"
Rachael: "Mmhmm.. well, given the time I had to consider alternatives. I mean, twenty minutes with some source books and who knows what I'd've come up with... half-dragon celestial ninja-porn star..." giggles
Carla frowns (cutely, since it's mandated) "Uhm... how are we measuring what we wanted to be? And... This is comfy. I like it. I don't think ninja's a polymorph option. - Oh - you mean for you..."
Rachael: "I didn't know artificer could be posted into your head, until Katala did it. I think when we came back through Katala thanked us in her own way. She changed us into what we had grown comfortable with, what we expected, what we wanted, what we focussed on being, any or all of the above.. maybe even what she thought would be good for us in the end.. You came through thinking 'oh god not this'... so I wondered, if not EarthCarl, then why... this.." indicates with a slightly nervous smile
Carla smiles. "Like I could let this work of art be destroyed? ... And... well, ongoing weirdness aside... it does feel um... Does it sound odd if I say it feels right? I mean... I never felt like a human trapped in a tiny body, not after the initial shock wore off. And I didn't feel like a halfling in a gnome body, or a halfling or a human in Gervais the half-orc. ..."
Carla smiles apologetically "After a bit of a shaky start, it feels like me. EarthCarl back home? That felt very very odd. "
Rachael: "Well you'd spent your entire life being a series of differently heighted and tusked men... suddenly being a woman, at the wrong time in her cycle for relaxed... I think I can forgive the freaking out"
Carla: "Thanks."
Rachael: "And for what it's worth I think you're adapting faster than I did."
Carla winces and presses on sans clue "And... I really hope this doesn't sound weird, well too weird, but... the whole your subconscious thing... That's fine. More than fine. It's... Oh. Thanks. I think. Well, not much time to do much else, really. And. Embrace new experience. that's what the horoscope said. I'm really glad we didn't find some cursed girdle of sex-changiness"
Rachael: "So you're not all... er.. weirded out? I mean, by.." sips tea in an effort to untie her tongue and calm her nerves some "well, I can understand being adaptable, being able to be different shapes and sizes and even genders.. I've done it. And I can see, if you're ok with the basic idea, being happy to look like... well you. But, doesn;t it make you feel weird when I look at you.. I've been trying not to too much... Knowing you're walking around looking like the idealised woman of.. someone who's still there following you around. It's not.. creepy?"
Carla looks startled for a moment and then manages to process. "Weirded out? No. I... I mean, I never even thought of... And, I'd not thought of me being in your idealised anything until a couple weeks ago." She takes a deep breath. "No. Not weird. Not creepy. You're brave and clever and lovely and great to have around. I'm... flattered. I'm happy that ... " Carla looks at Rachael and smiles.... "I'm happy that having me inside her doesn't make your idealised womanshape horrifically tainted. ... Assuming it doesn't, that is..."
Rachael: "I don't think so.. I mean.. I don't think you're anywhere near as annoying as you sometimes seem to.. and like I said, I've been there. I was a girl in a man's body, for a while, then I was just me as a man. And we've both been enough shapes and species and genders and all that junk by now that we ought to know better than anyone that the insides are more... thoughts, actions and attitudes. Biology matters, to the biology. The rest is about how you treat people, and you've been there, and been nice to some really obnoxious people"
Carla listens quietly and nods. "The biology's definitely not offended. Thank you. Oh... you're not following us around. We were following you. You were the one to build the gate. You made it all possible."

Rachael: "I just did what Katala asked me too... it was you guys got me to where I needed to be and with the things I needed. Jaik's leadership and panache, Laura's steadiness and healing. Drenak's indomitability, Beth's calmness and lethality. And you, with your silvertongued charm and a bottomless well of empowering if occassionally silly, songs. I spent half the time you were working at this dead and the rest hoping to be more help than hindrance. And still kept dying and making things more difficult by doing so"
Carla shakes her head. "No, that's not... what I see. You died, and you came back, and you died, and you came back, and you died, and you came back. That's determination. That's stubborness way beyond being an immovable dwarf in a tin-can. I'm... amazed... that you come back and go out again and mess with traps and put yourself in harm's way, for us. I don't think I could do that... And, I'll grant you that the singing is empowering, but... it's not quite as committed as getting dead"
Rachael: "You've died and gone on. I've just had more practice. You did lose Milo though, not sure he'd have been as sanguine with all the body changes... though you could probably rock the feral elf look" grins with a blush "we could find you a bone"
Carla snorts with surprisingly bitter laughter. "You didn't see the choice I had. You don't want to be an atheist in Navir. No other worlds. No other Harbingers. " She shrugs again "And yeah, Milo was... not the most fleshed out set of combat stats. He was the fighty feral one though."
Carla grins - "You may of course continue to tell the vain Bard how lovely she looks."
Rachael: "You do. And you should feel proud too. It's very easy for a nasty person to make a good body and a pretty face look sour and sharp and unpleasant. The shell matters, but so do the contents, and for all you pretend to be shallow and generally uncaring, if you really didn't care it would show"
Carla manages comical speechlessness. "... um... "
Rachael: A soft laugh and a grin "Definitely a point to me. But I do mean it"
Carla blushes. "Yeah... you got one for the drow wedding rings, too."
Rachael: "I was planning to enchant them, as a pair. There are things you can do to link rings..."
Carla looks briefly speechless again before more primal instinct asserts itself. "Ooh... to do what?"
Rachael: "Like Drenak's pebbles, or his bracelet, that kind of stuff. Communication, alert of danger... even teleporting to the rescue in theory. It's a project for when things have calmed down... deciding how to enchant them, and who.. well.." Stares into and then sips her cold tea
Carla nods. "Yeah. Ah... When things have calmed down. I guess you've got people you were interested in. " She studies her own tea. "Um... You can still dance, yeah? Like Ash could dance? Would you teach me? When things are a bit quieter, I mean."
Rachael: "um... only one at the moment... well sort of one.. and sure, I'd love to"
Carla nods "Well, he certainly seems fond of you. If he can tear himself away from being fabulously wealthy and evil for a while."
Rachael: Snorts tea, then coughs slightly and has to wipe her nose "sorry.. sorry.. here" passes her a hanky "Kalphan.. well, he was Ash's... er... hobby? If I turned up looking like this he'd probably have me deported to a jungle. He's a nice man, he actually is, but I have to think like Ash not to just sit there and shake with nerves. I'm not even sure why I saw him really.. I think... maybe to spend time with someone not in the group.. y'know? a less immediately deadly kind of stress than our usual"
Carla smiles happily and nods. "Oh right! I thought... well... Oh. Good. He's really like that? It's bloody irritating the way some people are all of a sudden. That was one vaguely nice thing about the Deathsgate guild. There was loads of weird things and Fourthborn around. ... That date with Ismir... went Okay, then?"
Rachael grins "She's fun. And I think she'd happily go out some more and... well... who knows. But I think I'm going to just keep my options open for now... and after all, she went out with Ash as well. I think, assuming the dragon-bitch doesn't kill us, I'd rather find someone who likes me looking like this... even if I don't all the time"
Carla nods. "Well... I'm not promising a lack of potential oddness while I find my feet, but I like you, however you look. The drow look is definitely appealing."
Rachael: "No argument from me" grins shyly
Carla looks somewhat relieved. "Good... that was... um... a bit more blunt than I was trying to be. Ahh... " She trails off into a rapid inspection of her empty cup.

Rachael: "We've got innocent people to save, a dragon-bitch to kill, a flying mutant tentacle brain to stop and.... actually... said like that it sounds like things will never actually calm down... Maybe we just see.. um... how things go and how feet finding er.. pans out"
Carla smiles. "I was thinking maybe Tess was just misunderstood. Maybe if we talked to her she'd calm down. I doubt it's likely, but... I'd really rather not die just yet."
Rachael: "I'm pretty sure she's an evil dragon-bitch and we need to kill her for the safety of all. But I agree about the dying. I'd rather you didn't either"
Carla laughs. "Agreed. I hope the universe was taking notes. ... " She sighs. "It'd be a tremendously bad trope to suggest that I'm keen on seeing how things turn out. But I am, keen."
Rachael: "I'll just have to be careful... you just doubled your threat range.... ..... ...... ...... oh god.. I really actually said that... could you pretend I didn't" goes very pinky purple "No matter how far you run the Geek finds you.."
Carla shakes her head. "I'm behind on points, I don't think I can be doing charitable pretending. Nice shade of aubergine." She grins. "I will forgive you, though... but not forget"
Rachael: "Well... suns coming up... I believe breakfast is your job. I'm going to make sure my wand of silence is ready... just need to decide which is more annoying... the irritating, over-loud obnoxious brat... or her son.."
Carla: "She'll learn. Hopefully. I must try not to gush about how lovely here is in comparison, I sound like a freak. More tea?"
Rachael: "She'll learn or end up being taught by someone less nice than us... and it's my fault she's here, kind of.. So I will be nice and try and protect her... just remind me never to breed"
Carla: "Never Breed. ... Besides - you create awesomely powerful dimension-spanning artifacts. I make breakfast. I know who's the supporting cast, here."
Rachael: "I put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes I think we're all supporting cast. Like in Friends."
Carla: " ... That's disturbing. Now I'm thinking Jaik's Chandler. Not Helpful."
Rachael: "pfft, Jaik is Ross. Laura is Rachel. Beth is Phoebe. Drenak is Joey. Which makes me Monica, OCD included, and you Chandler, but in a much better chassis" grins
Carla: " ... Chandler wasn't the cool one, was he? "
Rachael: "Chandler was the funny one who was a lot more perceptive than he got credit for... and he married Monica"
Carla: "... Yeah... Do we really have to go fight a dragon?"
Rachael: ".... No. We don't have to. There are hundred of other adventurers and groups who could do it, and likely would eventually. We're going to though... because, for all the wonder of this place, for all the brightness and the darkness and all the things we've come to love here... it's still her fault the others are dead and not here to enjoy it"
Carla: "... I may have to borrow that for inspirational purposes, later..."
Rachael: Faint blush "feel free, you'll probably make it sound prettier. It's just so much death, so that bitch can come here and never, for one moment, will she actually care what it took to make it happen. And whilst I'd like to think Gareth was all misguided and led astray... when Laura kicks him in the nuts? I'm thinking he should fall backwards onto something unpleasant... i'm thinking Blade barrier..
Carla: "Ouch. Remind me not to get on your bad side. ... I... um... can we try not to kill him if we don't have to. If it's him vs. any risk to any of us, sure I'll do him myself, but... I don't know... "
Rachael: "yeah... you're probably right. Can I turn him into a slug?"
Carla: "Sure. Concentrate though. I don't want you distracted mid-fight by some idealised pretty slug"
Rachael: "Now I'm thinking of a slug in a little off the shoulder number and a tiny tiara. Come on, the grounds stopped shaking so Drenak is awake."
Carla: "Yeah, Showtime. Be careful out there."
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