Oct. 19th, 2017 07:45 pm
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And in this week's episode of [personal profile] lurkingcat visits Starbucks too often...

I was going to take a walk in the park and visit St Nick's market this lunch time. But it was pouring with rain. So I popped into Starbucks instead. There was an enormous queue of people taking shelter from the rain and dithering over drinks choices, insisting that each item was rung through individually on their reward card, stopping to discuss other things with friends while in the middle of ordering and so on. The staff were unfailingly polite and friendly to all of them but somehow found the time to do this to my order as well:


Apparently I've graduated to art on food bags as well as on my coffee cup :)


Oct. 12th, 2017 02:51 pm
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...you're really pleased about a thing but no one in the office is going to understand what you're babbling about:


I'd sort of assumed that the Legendary raid bosses were just going to be a thing that I'd never get to catch. But when lunch time rolled around today there was a Legendary raid due to start at a gym near where I work. I decided I'd just wander past and see if it looked like there was anyone gathering for it.

There didn't seem to be a group forming so I walked through the square and onto the next gym to see if I could take it for Mystic. About halfway through my gym battle several other players suddenly joined in. We took the gym and it became apparent that they'd just taken the raid gym too. I wandered back to the square and... sure enough there were about ten people hanging around in a loose group staring intently at their phones. I was too shy to go and speak to them but it's not hard to spot the pose of Pokémon Go players with their phones out. So I sat down on the nearby bench and quietly joined the raid group. Pretty sure I wasn't the only person sitting on a bench and just quietly helping out because there were fifteen of us on that raid altogether :)

And now I have my very own Legendary Beast. Huzzah!


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