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The party has a discussion about looting the pool in which their latest victim has disintegrated. Carl transforms into a Mer-Halfling and goes treasure hunting while the rest of the party get involved in a fight with yet more undead. Drenak, Beth and her Crossbow of Doom to Undead (And Everything Else That Threatens The Party) pretty much save the day.

Meanwhile Carl has found some amethysts, a nephrite idol of a Rotting Angel, and a Rod. The party heal up, pack up their loot and move onwards.

Rachel and Beth scout ahead and are run over by a swarm of undead body parts. Beth flees, Jaik panics, Carl breathes acid over the swarm and everyone else and then casts Mass Heal. Laura discovers her new shiny Flame On trick and then Turns the swarm. Drenak stomps after it and finishes the swarm off. He then stomps off and retrieves Jaik. More healing happens.

As our intrepid heroes move further into the crypt the mist gets deeper and deeper; making it very hard for our scouts to see what is up ahead. Thus we find the ghouls the hard way and nearly lose poor Beth altogether. There is a complicated fight during which Drenak and Rachel manage to dig Beth out from the grave dirt and the ghouls get sent back to their Harbingers.

Beth summons a Thoqqua to chase the remaining ghouls out and the party cautiously moves onwards, searching for lootchecking for traps as they go. Rachel finds a raised sepulcher in one room, successfully disarms the trap and is rewarded with the discovery of some magical armour and weaponry.

There is still no sign of the item that the party is looking for but with the mist getting even deeper they are starting to worry that they may never find it.

The next unpleasant discovery is a room filled with bones. It also has a nasty pit trap which Drenak only just manages to avoid falling into. Rachel finds a second pit trap at the door to the corridor. The party successfully negotiate this problem only to run into more wraiths. There is a very long fight - Wraiths: O, Party: 6, Party Spells For The Day: Severely depleted.

The party open the double doors ahead since the Seal of Onatar has already been broken. The room has a ribbed ceiling and there is a really unpleasant rotting smell. Our heroes are still eyeing the sepulcher in the center of the room with suspicion when the lid is abruptly shoved open. Mist pours out, the rotting smell gets even worse and the Rotting Angel unfolds itself out of it's sleeping space at an astonishing speed.

There is a nasty fight during which Laura learns about the dangers of letting of area effect spells in a confined space, Drenak nearly dies and heroics are performed by all. When Jaik delivers the killing blow the Rotting Angel explodes in a cloud of dust and the mist begins to dissipate.

As the floor becomes visible the party can see the smeary outline of a body, a belt which must be magical in order to survive that sort of proximity with a Rotting Angel, and a small carved bone box with a sunburst on it.

Hurrah! Mission nearly accomplished. All that the party needs to do now is get out again safely and hand over the box to the Friends of Boromir Laughing Blade so that they can resurrect a crime lord. Er...

At this point there is a discussion about the ethics of the situation. Beth quite rightly points out that resurrecting the Beholder is a Bad Thing. Various counter arguments are put forward. Beth is not entirely convinced but eventually agrees that since it's possible for the Beholder to be resurrected without any body parts at all, getting some information that might help the party in their efforts to kill that sodding dragonsave the world in exchange for making the resurrection process a little cheaper for the client is not entirely unreasonable.

Bones is waiting outside the crypt and guides the party out of the City of the Dead. Rooms are acquired at the King of Scandalay's Arms and the party actually get a good night's sleep. This does not entirely prepare them for the news that greets them in the morning. The Warder of Dreadhold and his Extremely Scary Sword have arrived for a breakfast meeting...

Additions and corrections welcome as usual :)


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