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What are the chances that Tess is Lawful (Evil/Neutral) and she'll be happy to pay us off as arranged for this construction? Vendemiatrix is a pain in the ass with incompetent minions who have killed Rachel, Jocelyn, Jess and others of us, but Tess keeps sending us and our friends, and is keeping a bit of an eye on us (apparently).

Once we jump/teleport into the Autok Regency, we can't easily get back in a hurry if we've forgotten a toothbrush.
Planar instability aside - it might not matter who has the medallions we need currently, we just need the medallions - so time might not be a really really severe pressure. We probably have days, rather than minutes in which to get as ready as can be.


Anyway - What do we need to buy/make?
- Scrolls of Raise Dead? We need to be able to get Rachel up again to fix the gate, and we need to get Laura up to get the rest of us up.
- Mordenkainan's Mansion? A one round cast minor bugout tool?
- WoR, Gt Teleport, etc - Other exit strategies.

Other planning for fighting:
If Drenak goes down, do we gather wounded/dead and retreat/regroup? We can live to fight another day, but dead we're little use to each other.

Date: 2011-06-15 07:19 pm (UTC)
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I don't think we have any idea how closely Tess is monitoring us, so she may or may not know that we're planning to betray her. Which means we have no idea how she's going to react when/if we get as far as building the gate and letting her come through. We also don't know if she's got minions that she's planning to bring along, whether she has a role for Gareth in her new world order, if he's had a change of heart or already ended up as a lunchtime snack. There's also the small matter of the Navir inhabitant of Fatty's body who I think we last heard of as being on trial for attacking scientists and who would be an interested party if s/he got wind of Dragon Gate shenanigans.

We currently have no real idea of what is going on in the Autok Regency. No data makes it difficult to plan. My understanding (which may well be faulty) of the original plan was that we were going to build the gate in the Temple of the Divine Flame. If the capital is in chaos and Cutter Drago is missing then we're going to have to be really convincing to get the priests to let us do that. We need the medallions more than we need Cutter Drago but may need to find both. Assuming that he's not been the victim of a body swap.

I'd prefer negotiation and sneaking to solving the problem of where to build the gate and how to acquire the medallions.

As for dealing with Tess... I think that fighting her is a thing we have to do there and then otherwise the opportunity may well be gone completely. We've no idea how opening the gate will affect the area that we're in - unless Rachel has some theories? There might be plane shifting and who knows what else. Opening the gate in the temple confines us all to one space (potential plane shifting aside). That's probably better than trying to fight a dragon in the open air where we won't be able to keep up with her at all. She's going to be hard to hit both physically and magically and again, it's hard to plan strategy without more information about what we're getting into. So far my only offering is that Laura is going to be more use as a field medic than anything else since she's not got a lot of general offensive spells (if Tess turns up as undead Laura might be a bit more use as a fighter!) and the Sword of Complicated Maths does not in fact hit very hard. Fighting anything that Jaic and Drenak are having trouble hitting is going to be a waste of actions. Keeping the fighters upright would be more useful under the circumstances.

Scrolls of Raise Dead are a good idea, I think we've already got Word of Recall, and Rachel was looking at Plane Shift too.

Date: 2011-06-17 08:35 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] k8bush
IIRC The Autok Rebellion is being lead from it's base in the Temple of the Divine Flame


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